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Can you use a cash app card like a credit card?

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No, you cannot use a Cash App card (Cash Card) exactly like a credit card. Here's why:

  • Cash App Card is a debit card: It draws funds directly from your Cash App balance, similar to a traditional debit card. Credit cards, on the other hand, borrow money from a credit line that you need to repay later with interest.
      • Limited functionality: You can't use the Cash App card for everything a credit card can do, like booking car rentals or hotels.

      • No credit building: Using a Cash App card doesn't help build your credit score, while responsible credit card use can positively impact it.

    However, there are some similarities between the two:

      • Accepted widely: You can use the Cash App card wherever Visa debit cards are accepted, which is most places.

      • Online purchases: You can use it for online purchases just like a credit card.

      • Limited cash advances: While not a typical feature, some Cash App Cash Cards offer limited cash advances at ATMs, like credit cards.

    In short, the Cash App card is a great way to spend money you already have in your Cash App balance, but it doesn't offer the same functionality or credit-building benefits as a credit card.

    Here are some other things to keep in mind:

      • Cash App doesn't currently offer its own credit card.

    • You can link your credit card to Cash App to send money or pay bills, but that's not the same as using the Cash App card itself.